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Why choose a food station for your next catering party in Nicosia?

why choose a food station for your next catering party in nicosia

Food stations are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. A food station is a mini buffet. It carries the same idea as a regular buffet. To go and search for food. Consequently, it offers a more interactive experience for your guests. Find below why choose a food station for your next catering party in Nicosia.

Every station is a unique experience. You can set each table at different parts of your gathering giving the opportunity for mingling, chatting, and exploring. Usually, each station offers something different such as meat, fish, or different cuisines e.g. Asian, Italian, or Indian. You dedicate each table to a specific taste or flavour. For example, you can create a food station solely for vegans or vegetarians respecting their choice and being inclusive altogether.

Food stations are extremely diverse. There are so many serving styles to find, for example having someone attending the station and serving the guests or witnessing the chef preparing your meal in your presence or even making it yourself.

This style of catering is far more creative, fun and less restrictive. Have the opportunity to dance, eat and blend with other people simultaneously. Surely, there are no long queues of people waiting to get food. The best part is that you can have as many stations as you like not having to be restricted by the venue capacity.

The sky is the limit on what kind of themes or tastes you can add to each food station. Some ideas using the Nicosia Catering Menu are to design only a cold or hot dish bar. Additionally, another great concept is to have a dessert bar to replace the traditional wedding cake with different smaller sweets for instance brownies, fruit tarts, or éclair. Moreover, add a food station serving only Cypriot dishes such as daktila, pourekia anari, mini coupes with meat or mushrooms, mahalepi, loukoumades, or halloumi in pitta bread.

Let’s not forget an all-pasta bar serving penne with tomato sauce, spinach and feta lasagne, stuffed ravioli with spinach or a pasta salad.

A party cannot be completed without alcohol. Create your own bubble bar and serve local beer, zivania, red, white, or rose wine, soft drinks, juice, and water.

We cannot wait to be part of your special occasion and assist in giving you and your guest a memorable tasting experience. Visit the Nicosia Catering Website and see our delicious menus. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.